Brand New Point Wilson Dart Glow/Chrome Anchovy Jig

These huge albacore tuna were taken off the coast of Oregon, approximately 50 nautical miles offshore at "Tuna Town" located at 125' x 45' GPS coordinates. The angler shown is well-known Oregon tuna angler, Del Stephens, owner/operator of the Tuna Dog, a 31-foot Hydra-Sports boat perfectly set up for catching offshore albacore tuna.

These Point Wilson Dart Anchovy jigs come in sizes ranging from 1ounces to 6 ounces and work great for a variety of species.

When targeting albacore, first find water temperatures between 59 & 61 degrees. Then look for jumpers and sneak your boat as quietly as possible near the jumpers. Someone aboard should cast a jig as close to the jumpers as possible, count to four and then slowly retrieve the jig. The other anglers can drop their Anchovy Dart Jig over the side and let it free fall to 150 feet.

Albacore tuna will take the jig on the drop, so be ready to the set the hook if the jig pauses slightly. If you reach depth without a bite, let it sit for a few seconds. Sometimes they will hit the jig while it is dead in the water.

Jigging back to the surface: You can either reel it straight to the surface, yo-yo jig it or use the new "Butterfly" technique. The Butterfly technique requires you to jerk-reel at the same time. This method gives the jig an erratic jigging motion.

When targeting albacore below 50 feet beneath the boat, the glow/chrome works best. From 50 to the surface try the green/nickel, it's a killer!

You should also try the candlefish dart jigs. Good luck.